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Dog Control Officer

Dog Control Officer James Morgan
6773 Abbott Road, Franklinville NY 14737

Phone: (716) 676-3726

Dog control in Lyndon is managed in a serious buy casual manner.  For most of us, our dogs are family members; and these family members need to follow the laws in place to protect rights and welfare of everyone else.  Dogs need to be immunized against rabies, licensed and under control by their owners.  They should not be a nuisance nor an imposition to others.  Our dog control office is directed to enforce the law where these issues are a problem.  Please work with him/her.

If your dog comes up missing, call our DCO.  Fido may just be in doggy jail (pound) waiting to be bailed out.  If you know of a stray, call our DCO maybe we can help return it to its owner.

New York State Dog Law
Lyndon Dog Law