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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a license for my dog?
You may obtain a dog license from the Town Clerk.  Every dog, regardless of age, owned or harbored in NYS for longer than 30 days, must be licensed.  All dogs four months or older must have proof of a rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian.  If your dog is spayed or neutered, please bring a signed veterinarians certificate.

License Fee: spayed or neutered $6.00/un-spayed or intact $13.00
Late Fees: $1.00 for the first month/$2.00 for each additional month
Court fees can also be added if summons is issued

Can you help me with my genealogy search?
Our Town Historian has researched and archived well over 100,000 individuals that can be traced to past and current Lyndon residents.  He is willing to share this information and is eager to receive date that he does not yet have, including historical pictures and stories.

Where do I pay my property tax bill?
Tax bills are mailed in the beginning of the calendar year.  Payment can be sent to the Town Clerk or paid in person during regular Clerk's hours. Sometimes your taxes are paid by a third party such as your mortgage holder.

Taxes must be paid in full when due to prevent penalty fees. The Clerk cannot accept partial payment. There is no penalty when paid in January. A 1% penalty will be added to the amount due if paid in February; 2% in March. After March 30th, payments cannot be accepted by the Clerk and must be paid directly to the Cattaraugus County Clerk. Please remember, the Town Clerk/Tax Collector has nothing to do with your property assessment nor your tax levy. Those concerns can be addressed by the 
Town Assessor. Additional questions can be viewed at the Cattaraugus County Website.

Where do I get a NYS STAR Exemption Application?
If you own property and it is your primary residence, and your income does not exceed $500,000, you are eligible for a STAR school property tax exemption.  An application can be obtained from the Tax Assessor or downloaded here.

My property tax seems to high - what can I do?
Contact your local assessor first and discuss your concerns.  You may review comparable properties and their assessment in your area by reviewing the Interactive County Parcel Map. This may help you determine if your assessment, based on surrounding properties, are justified. Please remember to print the HELP PAGE in order to navigate properly.

If you are still not satisfied, you may file an Assessment Review Challenge with the local Board of Assessment Review. This Board meets annually, usually on the 4th Tuesday of May. Contact your local assessor for specific dates and times for the Board of Assessment Review, along with requesting the necessary forms to file your complaint.

For further information about your assessment policy and procedure, visit the County Real Property Tax Site.