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Lyndon Fire District

There is an established fire control and emergency response district. That district is equal to the physical boundaries of the Town. The organization, function, and responsibility is set forth in NYS town law, very similar to the Town Board. Members of the Board of Commissioners are elected by the public, each for a five-year term. The Board establishes an annual budget and oversees the expenditures from this budget. All emergency equipment and vehicles are property of the Lyndon Fire District.

Chairman Scott Hawley ~ Seretary/Treasurer Kathy Behm
Karl Crane ~ Mike Kottwitz ~ Phil Schuyler ~ Mike Kellogg

Volunteer Fire Company
There is also a Volunteer Fire Company incorporated in 1983, which is a not-for-profit private organization. The Lyndon Volunteer Fire Company is comprised of active and support members who physically respond to and manage fire, medical emergencies, community crisis situations, and fund-raisers.

Our membership is comprised of both active and social members. Active members are those trained in emergency response. Social members are the backbone of our personnel support and fundraising efforts. Membership applications are available from any member.

President Mike Kellogg ~ Vice President Cherie Slocum
Secretary Kathy Behm ~ Treasurer Lynn Golda

Fire Chief Mike Mitchell ~ 1st Assisstant Dale Carlson ~ 2nd Assisstant Chuck Bowles
3rd Assisstant Russ Ward

Fire Police Captain Brian Fix ~ Truck Captain Roger Hagmier ~ Support Team Captain Kathy Behm  ~  Support Team Lieutenant Mike Lynch ~ EMS Captain TBA ~ Chaplain Terry Bush

Notice of Budget Hearing: October 18, 2016
Portable Estinguishers